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 :: LEISA K ::

 Singer / Songwriter / Booking / Mischief Maker

 Leisa K has been writing lyrics and songs since the 1960s.

 A seasoned Blues, Soul, and Americana vocalist hailing from New Orleans, LA,   she has a great sense of rhythm and loves a strong groove.
 She is a powerful and passionate vocalist and a terrific story teller.
 Leisa K is an energetic performer and easily invites people into her world of  music.


 She has worked with Blind Bryan Lee (The Braille Blues Daddy, NOLA),

 Doug Hamblin (Los Angeles to NOLA), Sticky T (30x90 Blues Women, NOLA),   and countless others.


 She has shared the stage with many musicians both in New Orleans and   elsewhere, including but certainly not limited to Gatemouth Brown, Matt Baldoni,  Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, Boz Skaggs, Bob Ashman,
 Charles “Chuckie C” Elam, and Russell Jackson.


 Influences - Taj Mahal, Koko Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Doug Duffey.

 Favorite Artists -  Keb' 'Mo, Cyrill Neville, Mavis Staples, Billie Holiday, Bonnie   Raitt, Taj Mahal, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, and Pink Floyd.

 With her Las Vegas band, The Pickups, Leisa K has found the perfect   combination of musicians to support her vocals and create a strong musical   unit.

Matt Baldoni, Bryan Lee, The Braille Blues Daddy, Doug Hamblin, 30 x 90 Blues Women


Lead Guitar, Vocals, Engineer

Born and raised in Northern California, Terry Hayden has been playing music professionally for more than 30 years.

He has studied the Rock bands from the 1960s and 1970s and is a fan of  The Rolling Stones among other English Rock Bands.

His edge is that he plays the Blues with a different feel.

It's edgy when need be and sweet as can be when the song calls for it.

He and Leisa K are a great songwriting team, primarily because he fully understands where Leisa K is coming from with her ideas, grooves, and melodies.

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Leisa K:
Terry Hayden:
(702) 265-0107


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Our Extended Family


Ray Duke : Bass & Vocals

Small Title

Steve Geller: Drums



Miles took the majority of the photos on our site so far (02/16/2018).

He is also an outstanding percussionist and community activist in Oakland, CA.

We're just really happy he was available to take our pictures in Las Vegas, NV.

One Love,percussion,photography


Graphic Artist

Vincent is a very talented graphics artist and designed the cover for our single, "Different."

He lives in Northern Nevada and has won awards for his snowboarding skills and his artwork.

He is Leisa K's nephew and we're thrilled he is doing work for us.

Snowboarding,Lake Tahoe,Graphic Arts,snowboard teacher


Photographer and Mentor.

We Love Reno Bellamy and his wife Cindy!

Cindy takes photos at all of the local jams and her husband Reno Bellamy runs the very best one in Las Vegas - 2 nights weekly!

He has been a huge supporter of Leisa K & The Pickups and we're forever grateful to them both.

We're proud to call them both a part of our family.

Photographer,promoter,percussion,vocalist,management,band leader,mentor, Reno's LV Roc N Sol All-Stars JAM

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